The gay cruise ship passengers who were -arrested on the Caribbean island of Dominica for indecent exposure have come clean.

In a –piece exclusively for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) blog site Queerty, John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis Jay Mayer, 53, of Palm Springs, now admit to what several fellow passengers on board the gay cruise operated by Atlantis Events had previously claimed — they were, in fact, having sex on the balcony of the ship.

“We simply went on what should have been the vacation of a lifetime but instead, it turned out to be a very frightful nightmare,” they write. “When you have these types of incidents, people just want to talk about the salacious details. So let’s talk about it: Yes, we were having sex on the balcony. We were f**king. There, I said it.”

Hart and Mayer, who have been together for 17 years, continue:

“This was not some hookup the way it was portrayed. We were on vacation enjoying the company of each other and not putting on a show for anyone. When you pay the kind of money to have a Sky Suite, you have an expectation of some level of privacy. We were six stories up and approximately 150 to 200 yards from where the ship was anchored.

The real question is not what we were doing on our balcony, but why is one of the largest promoters of gay cruises and events taking folks from the LGBT community to these countries with laws against homosexuals on their books? Why are they financially supporting these countries? These countries have laws against consenting adult gay men and women who engage in intimate contact and in some cases just for the existence of their sexual orientation.”

You can read the full story here.

Authorities said they were seen having sex from land, causing military police to board the ship and arrest them on charges of “buggery,” in a nation which outlaws sex between men. A photo of the couple en flagrante later emerged, also on Queerty.
Though the buggery charge was later dropped, the men said they were subjected to treatment that was “inhumane,” though they previously denied they had been caught having sex. Others questioned the fact that Atlantis Events takes the gay cruise to anti-gay countries.Gay Cruise Couple Arrested In Dominica Admit To Having Sex

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