UPDATE: Incriminating Photo Of Couple Arrested On Gay Cruise Surfaces

Different accounts have been reported of what Celebrity Summit passengers John Hart and Dennis Mayer were doing on their balcony when they were arrested by police on the island of Dominica. It’s also been debated how visible the men were to witnesses on the docks.
An anonymous Queerty reader has sent us this image, allegedly depicting Mayer and Hart in flagrante. It looks pretty clear that, yup, they were humping like rabbits in clear view of bystanders.

Is what they did a capital offense? Did they deserve to be taunted and humiliated? Of course not.

But that was some pretty dumb behavior right there. Folks, if you’re gonna have sex on your balcony while your ship is docked, for God’s sake make sure you’re on the side facing the ocean!

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By Dan Avery
Source – Queerty.com