Groups attack US ambassador for taking husband to school

Conservative groups in the Dominican Republic have called for the US ambassador to resign after taking his husband to a  local school.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Dominican Republic attacked Wally Brewster in a statement issued this week.

“Mr. Brewster approaches our children in public and private schools, in sports tournaments, and other youth activities presenting Mr Bob Satawake as his husband,” they said.

“They are trying to confuse our youth and children by presenting a distorted model of the family, and in that way disparaging the authority of our laws.”

The Dominican Council for Evangelical Unity launched a petition on the White House’s official website calling for Mr Brewster’s removal. It attracted over 30,000 signatures in a week.

However, the White House responded by saying Mr Brewster “has the full support of the President, this White House and the entire US government.”

It added: “We will continue to support Ambassador Brewster as he advances universal human rights.”

The fresh attacks on the ambassador came after photos on Twitter revealed Mr Brewster and his husband, Mr Satawake had visited a local school to participate in a United Nations week it was holding.

Soon after, a number of individuals and groups accused them of “promoting homosexuality” and influencing children.

But in a radio appearance, Mr Brewster defended his attendance at the school by saying it was an old photo.

“We’re promoting equality around the world…[and] our objective worldwide is to promote LGBT rights,” he said.

“That’s not why we went to the school, but we’re not going to have people continue to condemn and try to keep Bob and I or anyone else in the closet.”

Last year, Cardinal Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodríguez, told Mr Brewster he should be focusing on house work if he “wants to be a wife”.

by Bobby Rae
Source – PinkNews