Gay Murders in Belize

In Belize there have been over 300 murders since 2010 (145 the most in a year ever in 2012). Of that there were 27 murders of gay men in its various forms between 1997-2012. The recent murders of the four men is a sign of the times and how our LGBT organizations operating environment is changing.

How such events impact the operating environment is that is set clear psychological boundaries that fem gay men cannot walk in particular areas and that I am a target for those criminal elements frustrated with the system look for a scapegoat. My brother shared that he saw a sign that spoke to killing gay men. This is worrying indeed as we have had my board secretary partner stoned in the head while walking home by drunks and my ability to walk has been reduced to driving only. For the record, there is only one L.G.B.T organization–United Belize Advocacy Movement.

See this link regarding the violence and government’s response:

Caleb Orozco
Executive President
United Belize Advocacy Movement