7 years ago, 12 young and courageous girls and boys challenged a mountain of prejudices and held the first Pride Parade in Tirana.

Today, thanks to the efforts of activists and supporters of the LGBTI community, many things have changed in Albania.
That’s why this year we will be more numerous, stronger, organized and free.

However, for many of us, being different is continuously a reason for violence, discrimination, isolation, and persecution. Therefore, we will march with courage also for those girls and boys of the community who cannot join us freely.

421 cases of physical and psychological violence were reported only during 2018 by LGBTI + community members.

That’s why on 18 of May, we #MarshojmeEdhePerTy (#WeMarchForYouToo)

84% of LGBTI + youth who have come out in their families or other environments are systematically violated physically or psychologically.

LGBTI + youth are 10 times more at risk of dropping out of school because of bullying. If you have dropped out of school because you could not stand that systemic violence,

LGBTI + youth, even when they find the courage not to drop out of school, are violated every day under the nose of school administrations that do nothing to protect them. In other cases, children who drop out of school because of bullying, become targets and potential victims of trafficking, as the state fails to protect them. Even during 2018, members of the LGBT community faced discrimination in obtaining healthcare.

On May 18, 2019, in Tirana Pride, let’s march for love, for each other, and for the non-negotiable right to live a free and unbiased life. Take your smile with you and come together with your other half.

Xheni Karaj
Executive Director
Alliance against discrimination of LGBT (Aleanca LGBT)