Albanian gay activists, to participate for the first time at Belgrade’s Pride

At least 8 Albanian activists will participate this year at Belgrade Pride under strict security measures.

These activists were selected among three LGBT organizations: Pink Embassy, The Alliance Against Discrimination and Pro LGBT. This is the first time of an organized participation of Albanian gay activists at the pride that was banned last year because the state failed to guarantee the security of the participants.

Civil Rights Defenders will cover the expenses for the Albanian activists, while this experience will serve them in their own preparations for a possible Tirana Pride in 2013.

“This pride in Belgrade is a strong test for Serbia and especially for its politicians”, said Vasilika Laci of Civil Rights Defenders in Tirana. She reminded that the actual Prime Minister of Serbia, Mr. Ivica Dacic was last year the minister of Interior that failed to secure the participants at the pride.

This news published first at news portal was correctly covered today by some mainstream daily newspapers and news agencies. Some of the hooligans that have been involved previously in attacking gay activists in Belgrade have been involved also in burning the Albanian flag at a recent event during a football match in Italy.

by Redaksia
Source – Historia