Courageous Albanian LGBT activists and supporters will stage a Pride bicycle parade

Courageous Albanian LGBT activists and supporters will stage a Pride bicycle parade in Tirana, on May 13 LGBT despite opposition protest.

LGBT and Pro LGBT Alliance Announce through this press release that the bicycle parade is planned for May 13; it will be held under the law despite the same day the opposition has announced holding a protest on the Boulevard “Martyrs of the Nation”.

We inform you that today (Monday, May 8, 2017) the organizers of the parade Jenny Karaj and Kristi Pinderi-zhviluan have met with the higher government of the Democratic Party to coordinate. This meeting took place in a cooperative spirit. During the meeting LGBTI activists receivws direct guarantee by the chairman of the Democratic Party, Mr. Lulzim Basha that opposition supporters will not be any threat to the smooth running of the LGBTevent. It was agreed that the most appropriate schedule for conduct of the parade is at 10:00 on the Sabbath May 13th.

Departure will be at the Palace of Congress; participants will pedal on Avenue and turn left in the path of Kamal Ismail, will enter the former block area (Rr. Ibrahim Rugova) and is expected to continue along Lana river to the bridge; they will return to school Vasil Shanto and will continue again along Lana.

It is important to understand that public space belongs to us all and no one can stop the fundamental human right to organize and express themselves.

We also announce that the parade will be attended by LGBTI activists from across the region, supporters, activists and members of the LGBT community in Albania as well as representatives of diplomatic corps in Albania.

LGBT Pro Alliance
Jenny Karaj
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Alliance Against discrimination of LGBT (LGBT Alliance)
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