EuroPride 2019 is the perfect time to discover Vienna’s coolest LGBTI bars

Vienna’s gay and lesbian bars are some of the suavest in Europe

Vienna’s reputation as an LGBTI hot spot just keeps growing and growing. From the Austrian capital hosting EuroPride 2019 to the passing of equal marriage, 2019 is shaping up to be its gayest yet.

Which also makes it the perfect time to explore the city’s ridiculously trendy LGBTI scene.

If you didn’t know already, the coolest LGBTI bars in Vienna happen to be some of the best in the city. So while you head over to Austria in 2019, explore these establishments and get a real taste for the better life in the city.

1 Cafe Savoy

Only a city like Vienna could produce a coffee house like Cafe Savoy. This traditional establishment dates back to the 19th Century and was designed by the student of legendary gay architect Siccardsburg.

Guests can expect sophistication and fun in equal measure, offering up coffee or cocktails in an achingly beautiful interior. It also boasts two of the biggest mirrors in Europe, with the only larger ones in the Palace of Versailles.

2 Marea Alta

The venue gives a bit of underground chic to the Austrian capital. Originally founded as an ‘association for the promotion of lesbian immigrants and lesbian visibility’, it’s now a full LGBTI institution. Open from the evening till the early hours, the space is both an accepting place to meet for a drink and one to dance till the early hours.

3 Kaiserbründl

Another example of the city doing everything classier, Kaiserbründl is a gay sauna in Vienna with added style. Set in a historic building, this 120-year-old three-storey bathing house is the oldest in the city.

The interiors are a stunning Roman design, and incorporate a dry sauna, bio-sauna, steam room and gym. But there’s also a bar and restaurant to enjoy, for dressed customers.

4 Felixx Bar

While some places are grandiose, Felixx Bar is a plush palace. Expect slick black surfaces matched against sensual red walls that basically beg you to bring someone sexy for an Austrian wine or cocktail. When you’re not soaking up the moody ambiance till the early hours of the morning, you can sit outside in their cute garden area.

5 Kisss Bar

Kisss is one of the friendliest bars in Vienna. It’s pretty relaxed in the early evening, but come to the bar when it’s hosting one of its many events, and you’ll find one of the more livelier places in town. With a fun, laid-back interior and staff as nice as the clientele, people end up coming back to this bar again and again.

6 Eagle Bar

Time to get down and dirty at The Eagle, one of the oldest gay leather bars in Austria. Drinks here are great, but it’s the attractive male clientele who will encourage you to explore the deeper depths of this renowned establishment. There’s an underground and a mischievous attitude, so expect things to get a bit naughty…

by Tom Capon
Source – Gay Star News