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The leading LGBT organisation in Austria is  “Homosexuelle Initiative (HOSI) Wien” (based in Vienna) which is also the oldest organisation in Austria. It has a bi-monthly magazine, its own premises, does most of the political lobbying work, organises the annual Rainbow Ball and the Rainbow Parade as well as the huge LGBT pride parade that attracts 100,000 people every year in the streets of Vienna.
HOSI does not have an English version of its website.

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Other Austrian cities with LGBT organizations are Linz: HOSI Linz (an independent organisation), and Graz: Rosa Lila PantherInnen.

Rechtskomitee LAMBDA (RKL) is another LGBT rights organisation in Austria.

1 Mandatory Surgery for Transsexuals 3/10

2 The Pink Lake festival closes after captivating Wörthersee 9/10

March 17, 2009 – Rechtskomitee LAMBDA

Mandatory Surgery for Transsexuals
– Austrian Supreme Court Reprimands Ministry of Interior

Rechtskomitee LAMBDA: “Misuse of power must lead to consequences”
In a sensationally speedy decision the Austrian Administrative Supreme Court quashed as unlawful a decision by the Ministry of Interior, which – despite constant case-law to the contrary – required a transsexual woman to remove her genitals. Rechtskomitee LAMBDA (RKL), Austria’s civil rights organisation for homo- and bisexual as well as transgender women and men, calls for the misuse of power committed in the Ministry of Interior to lead to consequences.

Last year the Administrative Supreme Court repeatedly found mandatory surgery as required by the Ministry of Interior against the law (VwGH 27.02.2009, 2008/17/0054; VwGH 15.09.2009, 2008/06/0032; now similarly the Constitutional Court: VfGH 03.12.2009, B 1973/08). The Ministry of Interior however insisted on mandatory surgery and again refused recognition in her new gender to the transsexual woman who has won the two cases in the Administrative Supreme Court. It did so again solely on the ground that she still has male genitals and despite the fact that the law obliges the Ministry to implement the judgments of the Administrative Supreme Court.

The woman had again to file complaints to the Administrative Supreme Court and to the Constitutional Court. In a record-breaking speedy judgment (only two months after filing of the complaints) the Administrative Supreme Court reprimanded the Ministry of Interior.

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September 5, 2010 – PinkNews

Travel: The Pink Lake festival closes after four days captivating Wörthersee

by Staff Writer,
The Pink Lake LGBT festival, held around Lake Wörthersee in Austria closed this evening after four days of activities and parties. In what is a stunningly beautiful setting, the Pink Lake festival offers something unique to the thousand or so people who attend the event every year.

The days are spent relaxing around the “Sunshine Lake’s Beach Club”, attached to the My Lake Hotel in Pörtschach where guests can dip into the fresh but relatively warm lake, ride banana boats, go on treasure hunts, borrow a bicycle and ride around the stunning lake and surrounding countryside or simply chill out with a cocktail as the resident DJ spins some tunes But the nights are when the festival comes alive. On the Thursday, Friday and Saturday, three very different, themed nights attract big turn outs.

Thursday saw 700 or so people brave quite chilly weather for an outdoor Almdudler Trachtenparty- an Austrian folk party. Many of the revellers were dressed in traditionally inspired but somewhat funky Lederhosen while the women and the obligatory drag queens donned Dirndls (traditional Austrian dresses). While Friday saw a sold out boat party around the beautiful lake. It was actually held on two boats, that set off separately but then joined together, sailing side by side and allowing party goers to cross from one dance floor to the next. The boats returned to their jetties accompanied by a music synchronised fire works display. The after party back at the My Lake Hotel went on to the small hours.

By the third night, for the black and white party, there was a real family atmosphere. It was rather strange because you’ve seen the same people out the night before, and the night before that. You’ve chatted to them as you lounged around the lake, you’ve grinned at them as you emerged, a little hungover at breakfast. At the party itself, everyone, bar none was dressed in black and white, dancing to Alexandra Prince, who while her name might not be that familiar, her song “So many Times” has been a mainstay of the gay clubs for the past five years.

We can’t recommend Pink Lake more highly, the atmosphere is like nothing we’ve experienced before. Nice people, no trouble with the locals, stunning scenery and really attentive staff running the events. There is a genuine excitement in the normally sleepy town of Pörtschach at having hundreds of out, proud LGBT people enjoying themselves in a safe, friendly way. stayed at the My Lake Hotel and flew to Vienna (three hours drive from Lake Wörthersee) with British Airways.