Greek Parliament votes for a controversial bill to expand rights for LGBT people

The Greek Parliament passed the controversial bill despite an absence of 73 MPs from across different parties in a house of 300.

The bill will expand the rights of same sex couples in Greece, as well as ensuring equality in the workplace regardless of sexual orientation, gender or religion.

The bill was approved by 201 and rejected by 21 while five neither supported or rejected the legislation.

The Greek press has reported that right-wing MP Constantinos Katsikis had railed against the Justice Ministry bill, saying that Independent Greeks would remain “faithful” to its “Christian and social beliefs as Greek patriots.”

This comes after same-sex civil partnerships were legalised in December 2015 which was in response to the European Court of Human Rights condemned Greece for anti-gay discrimination.

Joint adoption for same-sex couples is still not legal, neither is same-sex marriage or IVF treatment for lesbian couples.

But laws regarding the prohibition of hate speech and hate crime is now said to be some of the most rigid in Europe.

by Sarah Sinclair
Source – PinkNews