Neo-Nazi thugs threaten safety of Greek gays

‘Gays are the new Jews’ in Greece, claim campaigners amid escalating violence against the LGBT community in Athens

Campaigners are warning of escalating violence against gays in Athens, after knife-wielding neo-Nazis attacked a group of LGBT activists.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups in the Greek capital are ‘extremely alarmed’ about the escalating number of homophobic incidents in the city.

The Network for Recording Incidents of Racist Violence claims gay people are the ‘new Jews in Greece’, with far right groups such as Golden Dawn fanning the flames of hatred against the LGBT community.

On Saturday (3 November), a gang of thugs who claimed to be members of the neo-Nazi party attacked a group of volunteers distributing anti-homophobic flyers in Keramikos/Gazi, a popular bar-cafe district.

According to Athens Pride, 12 men physically assaulted and terrorized the volunteers, chasing them through the narrow surrounding streets. It is believed that at least one of the attackers wielded a knife.

‘We call upon all international bodies and concerned citizens in Greece and abroad to condemn Golden Dawn and all manifestations of homophobia and transphobia in Greece,’ said Andrea Gilbert, spokesman for Athens Pride.

‘Democratic freedoms cannot be allowed to collapse on the excuse of economic hardship.’

The attacks follow protests against the staging of a controversial play about the story of Christ in central Athens.

At one picket last month, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panayiotaras launched a homophobic rant, shouting ‘Wrap it up you little faggots’ and ‘Your time is coming’.

by Matthew Jenkin
Source – Gay Star News