Gay refugees rehoused in the Netherlands after threats

Five gay refugees have been rehoused in the Netherlands after being threatened by fellow refugees.

According to Dutch News, the five men, three from Syria, one from Iraq and one from Iran, were moved after the Salvation Army said it could not guarantee their safety.

The men were originally housed in the Parool, a refugee centre in Amsterdam, but were moved to housing owned by corporation the Rochdale, reports Dutch News.

The Salvation Army, which is responsible for housing refugees in Amsterdam, said it could not guarantee the safety of the men.

A spokesman from the Salvation Army said: “They often don’t dare to leave their rooms.”

Junior justice minister Klaas Dijkhoff, said that he did not support the idea of separating gay refugees because it is “stigmatising”.

Reports suggest that other gay refugees, including in Rotterdam, will also be rehoused this weekend, and that others in Amsterdam were re-homed earlier this year.

“LGBTs are extra vulnerable and I consider it crucial that they have a safe environment to recover and receive care,” said city alderman Simone Kukenheim.

by Joseph Patrick McCormick
Source – PinkNews