Gay Couples To Begin Marrying Monday In Ireland

Gay and lesbian couples will begin exchanging vows on Monday in the Republic of Ireland.

In May, Ireland became the first nation to legalize such unions by a popular vote.

On Tuesday, Irish Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald signed the commencement order for the Marriage Act 2015 in Dublin Castle, the BBC reported.

Starting on Monday, registrars will be able to register the marriages of gay couples and the foreign marriages of gay couples will be recognized by the state. Ireland will also phase out civil partnerships.

“The Irish people blazed a trail on 22 May 2015 when they became the first sovereign people to choose marriage equality by popular vote,” Fitzgerald said on Tuesday.

“They determined that Ireland should be characterized by solidarity and inclusiveness. They have reaffirmed the importance of marriage and family for our society,” she added.

By On Top Magazine Staff
Source – On Top Magazine