Lithuanian court rules Pride can go ahead

Baltic Pride 2013 will go ahead at the end of the month despite the city council’s objection

A court in Lithuania ruled today that Baltic Pride 2013 can go ahead at the end of the month in capital Vilnius.

The City of Vilnius had refused to issue a permit for the LGBT pride parade saying there was a ‘high probability of incidents and threat to public peace, morals and public safety, regardless of high police presence’.

Lithuania Gay League (LGL) appealed the City of Vilnius’s decision by Vilnius Regional Administrative Court ruled today that the parade can go ahead.

ILGA-Europe congratulated LGL and the Lithuanian justice system.

‘Freedom of assembly is a basic human rights and it is a duty of the state to ensure this right is exercised by all citizens without any discrimination or legal and administrative impediments,’ said a statement from ILGA-Europe.

‘Moreover, it is the duty of the state to protect minority groups should such discriminatory objections be filed.’

Baltic Pride 2013 will march down Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius on Saturday 27 July.

by Anna Leach
Source – Gay Star News