Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister will be gay as well

Luxembourg is set to become the world’s first country with both an openly gay leader and deputy leader after Prime Minister Xavier Bettel named Socialist leader Etienne Schneider as his Deputy Prime Minister

The constitutional monarchy of Luxembourg is set to become the first ever country to have both a gay leader and deputy leader.

Incoming Democratic Party Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has announced that openly gay Socialist Workers Party leader Etienne Schneider will be his Deputy Prime Minister.

Schneider was Minister for the Economy and Foreign Trade in the previous government in a previous coalition with Luxembourg’s Christian Social People’s Party.

Bettel has been named Prime Minister designate by monarch Grand Duke Henri and is in the process of negotiating an accord to govern with the Socialist Workers and Greens in Luxembourg.

Betel has said that legalizing same-sex marriage will be a priority for his first year in government and Schneider’s selection as his deputy can only add weight to that.

by Andrew Potts
Source – Gay Star News