A Lesbian Story: One Simple, but not Simple Story

I have a name. I live in Montenegro. I am daughter, sister, aunt, friend, colleague. I have a wonderful family. Job. Value. Principles. Person you love and who loves me. Maybe I know. If not, here’s something about me.

Family means a lot to me. I feel them as a support and safety. I admire the dedication of their parents have given me everything they could, develop positive values and allowed me to be her and independent.

I have friends who love you. Over time their numbers and the definition of change, of course, but now I am completely satisfied with both.

Important as we freedom, justice, truth, honesty .. I believe that all people have the potential to achieve happiness. I think that all people are basically good. I think that anyone can achieve anything you want, but not the opportunity to learn their needs and achieve goals in a positive way. Opportunities are all around us, we just need to know what you want and work on it without endangering others.

Disappoints me that the human species leads to wars, tortures, kills, chases, as the economic interests above humanity. Disappoints me the situation in the society. Electricity bills are surreal. With the EU have common prices for food, rent, fuel. And nothing more. If you are not in the party, do not expect a job. If you’re in the party, but expect a job and become a stranger to yourself when you sell voice and soul in return. If you got the job only on the basis of competency, are statistical errors. No trails for bikers. No culture and decency. Cinemas destroy, build homes that can be purchased only by those who already have 5 pieces. When you run out of money, the tax is not taken from the multistanodr┼żaca squeezed, and “citizens”.

The citizen must be in quotes, because it only exists in the Constitution. Political parties are foreign to us because they are close to them just rhetoric and personal interests. People give themselves the freedom to intervene in other people’s lives only when they run out of topics and jutarnu coffee, and under various not to interfere when they see domestic violence. This and more annoying, but sometimes I try to understand and have patience, sometimes I change, and primarily to focus on the joy of life.

And I look forward to men. Loved one. Time spent with family. Nice day. Meeting with the friends I have not seen it. Successes of nice and good people. Introduction of clean, good, positive things. Animals. Gifts. Donation. Journeys. View of the sea. Coming home from the road. Business success. Children’s laughter.

I live my life as I see fit, trying to be good to yourself and others. I do not always succeed, of course, but I learn from mistakes.

I was successful at school, in college. However, I agree with Wilde that nothing is really worth knowing that can be taught in school.

I work a job that is creative and interesting. I am lucky to work with great people. I think, and say they are doing good work, but of course there’s always room for review, training, learning new.

I travel a lot and enjoy it. Everything I saw and experienced on my travels, people I meet, the friends I made, it can not be estimated. From time to time I want to live somewhere else. From time to time, to give another chance to Montenegro.

I love movies, music, photography, rafting, swimming, sea, sun, nature …

I’m happy. I have people I love and who love me, I have everything I need and almost everything you want.

And, of course, last but most important – I’m in love. In a beautiful girl. Yes, yes. Girl. In this connection we have a couple of years.

I decided to share with you part of their lives, their everyday life, a part of yourself, so you have the opportunity to have insight into the lives of ordinary gay people, the fact that the life of these people are not “four walls”, parades, flags, sex, bacchanalia, perversion … My life is like yours, my relationship with the person you love is similar to yours – is based on love, trust, support, fellowship .. And everything else is the same. Equally go to work, joking with colleagues, receiving a salary, pay bills, upset about the situation in the country, I love my family, go out, hang out, buy at the supermarket, cook, preparing flat, I will move, learn, watch tv, travel , He was met on the street, in the office, the coffee …

If you know me, the fact that I do not know about the girl you allow me to think maybe a good person, and certainly,” normal. And I did it. Paul my partner does not define my morality, personality traits, relationship with other people, physical appearance.

Below, my daily life …

Until then, see you that way somewhere in the cafe, in the office, in front of the building, on the street …

(translated from Serbian)
Source – Montenegro Gay Portal