Podgorica: LGBT flag set on fire in front of the Ombudsman

The flag was placed on the mast of the building where the office of the Ombudsman, was burned last night, said the LGBT Forum Progres. Officials of Institutions Ombudsman contacted the police, who immediately went to the scene.

Unknown persons set fire to the rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBT community.

Forum notes that last week, when receiving the Director LGBT Forum Progress Zdravka Cimbaljevic the Ombudsman and Deputy Sucko Bakovica Marijane Lakovic accepted LGBT Forum Progress initiatives to the building official to be featured as a rainbow of support for these institutions Pride month celebration.

Officials of Institutions Ombudsman contacted the police, who immediately went to the scene and the investigation is ongoing.

LGBT Forum Progress believes that the burning of the flag is a manifestation of hatred and intolerance against LGBT people and LGBT community. This procedure further concern, in terms of overall security, because the flag is set, publicly announced and executed as part of preparation for holding the first Gay Pride Parade.

LGBT Forum Progress requires the Police to identify and prosecute those responsible for this inappropriate action.

“State attitude to this incident is an indicator of the overall relationship and treatment of the LGBT community in Montenegro,” said the Forum progress.

We strongly condemn the burning of the flag

The institution of Ombudsman has strongly condemned the burning of the flag LGBT saying it was an act of vandalism, which confirm that the company is still a high degree of homophobia by the community.

This, as stated, LGBT placed into one of the most vulnerable minority groups.

Unknown persons burned last night officially universal feature of the LGBT community – rainbow flag, which was placed in the institution of Ombudsman.

Office of the Ombudsman is expected that the authorities investigate the case, and take all measures in accordance with their authority.

They remind us that day at the initiative of the LGBT Forum Progres, as a way of maintaining support for the celebration of the month the Gay Pride Parade in the world, hung on the mast in front of the building rainbow flag, “which is an official mark LGBT community.”

“About 11 hours and 30 minutes, we learned that the flag was burned, we have reported to the Police, whose officers are authorized immediately came to the scene,” the statement said.

(translated from Serbian)
Source – Montenegro Gay Portal