Preparations for the parade in Montenegro 2013

In June next year will be held in Podgorica pride parade, with the support of the Ombudsman and the relevant institutions.

Deputy of human rights and freedoms of Marijana Lakovic will be representative of the institution in the organizing committee of the first Gay Pride Parade, scheduled to be held in June next year in Podgorica.

Ombudsman Sucko Bakovic and Lakovic received on Tuesday at the headquarters of the institution, the executive director of LGBT NGO “Forum Progress” Zdravko Cimbaljevic.

As stated by the NGO, Cimbaljevic his interlocutors about the activities of the Forum in celebration of Pride month, Montenegro and the region, beginning preparations to organize the first Pride Parade in Podgorica and the consultation process in conjunction with the accompanying constitution of the organizing committee.

Cimbaljevic said that the institutions of human rights and freedoms of Montenegro enjoys the full confidence of the LGBT community and has excellent cooperation with the Montenegrin civil society in regard to the improvement and development of human rights.

Protector is accepted as a form of support, LGBT initiative “Forum Progress” to the building official of the institution, during Pride month, highlight the rainbow, which is officially a universal feature of the LGBT community in the world, said in a statement.

(translated from Serbian)
Source – Montenegro Gay Portal