Romanian gay couple marry on TV and win reality show

Romania had its first televised same-sex marriage last week when a gay couple won a popular wedding themed reality TV show

Romanians watched their first televised same-sex marriage last week when gay couple Daniel and Michael won that country’s version of UK reality show Four Weddings.

Both theatrical directors, the couple chose an ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ theme and were married by the Rev Diane Fisher, an American Metropolitan Community Church pastor who was flown in for the show.

The couple were competing with four other couples to put on the best wedding and were chosen as the winners by the other couples.

Some of their fellow contestants who had expressed disapproval of homosexuals said watching Daniel and Michael marry had changed their minds on the issue.

‘I had tears in my eyes,’ one of the brides said, ‘I could see the love between them is real and that they wanted very much to take this step.’

‘I found the wedding strange but it also seemed nice,’ another said. ‘I had wondered if there love was real.’

‘But now I have seen it with my eyes and I realized it is.’

‘It is obvious that they really love each other,’ another of the brides said.

The ceremony was not legally binding as Romania does not formally recognize same-sex marriages – though the country is obliged to recognize same-sex relationships registered by other European Union member states.

Footage of the wedding was posted online on September 12 by who wrote that the couple’s wedding had ‘demolished prejudices.’

by Andrew Potts
Source – Gay Star News