Romania’s top court rules in favor of LGBTI rights before referendum

People will vote on 6 October about how to define a family

Ahead of the referendum taking place next weekend, the top court of Romania ruled in favor of equality for LGBTI couples.

The Constitutional Court determined same-sex couples should have the same rights, both in private and to a family, as any heterosexual couple. They further said same-sex couples should ‘benefit from…. legal and juridical recognition of their rights and obligations’.

From 6-7 October, the country will partake in a referendum seeking to limit the constitutional definition of a family to hetersexual, married couples.

Currently, the country’s Constitution only defines marriage between spouses. A positive vote on this referendum would block the path to marriage equality.

While many LGBTI and civil rights groups opposed the referendum, the top court ruled it was okay to proceed earlier this month.

This new ruling, however, is ‘extremely important’, say some activists.

Teodora Ion-Rotaru, from the gay rights group Accept, said: ‘It says same-sex couples should have the same legal rights as heterosexuals.’

Earlier this year, the European Court of Justice made a ruling in a case about a Romanian-American marriage. They wanted their marriage legally recognized in Romania.

They ultimately ruled member countries ‘may not obstruct the freedom of residence’ and refuse to grant residence for a same-sex spouse.

by Anya Crittenton
Source – Gay Star News