Calvin Klein accused of breaking ‘gay propaganda’ law in Russia

A new advert for the fashion giant’s latest fragrance has sparked outrage in Russia.

Russian authorities says they have received a number of complaints for a new ad for Calvin Klein perfume CK2.

The advertisement – which features two same-sex couples – has been reported to authorities in the country for allegedly containing “elements of propaganda of homosexuality and peadophilia”.

Complaints have been made to authorities in Arkhangelsk after a number of locals voluntarily watched the advert on YouTube in order to view the reported “propaganda”.

Arkhangelsk authorities say they are investigating to see whether the fashion giant has broken the law.

The ad features a same-sex male couple riding on a motorcycle shirtless, while a lesbian couple bare their breasts on a highway.

However, while both straight couples in the advert kiss in the video, the same-sex couples do not.

Calvin Klein described the advert as “embodying the thrill of life and celebrates the diversity of connections between two people”.

If found guilty, Calvin Klein could be fined up to 1 million rubles ($15,000, €13,000).

The company – which could also be forced to case trading across Russia for three months – is only the latest victim of such claims.

A Russian lawmaker recently accused a goat and tiger of breaking the country’s controversial ‘anti-gay propaganda’ law.

Their blossoming relationship struck a cord with the Russian public and a video of their antics soon went viral.

Russian lawyer Alexei Krestianov claims media coverage of the unlikely friendship could turn Russian kids gay by “generating interest in non-traditional sexual relationships.”

Russian politicians last month debated a bill which would allow authorities to jail people for publicly coming out as gay.

The bill proposed 15 day jail sentences, and fines, for people who express their sexual orientations publicly.

by Joe Williams
Source – PinkNews