Gay activists gather for anti-fascist march with pink triangles

Leaders’ Association of the Rainbow “counting on that gays and lesbians come out to anti-fascist rally in Moscow on 19 January 2012. It was organized for the second year in a row speaks committee “January 19”. This year’s day in January will be held for three years after the murder in Moscow of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova.

In “Rainbow Association” believe that the idea of the gay movement similar anti-fascist … The statement of intent to pass in some columns with anti-fascists say that the metropolitan LGBT union is going to express his “solidarity with all who oppose all forms of xenophobia and discrimination.”

Gay activists perceive as anti-fascist action “memory of the victims of hate march, among whom were the victims because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.” They are going to join the ranks of the protesters under the rainbow flags and pink triangles. The coordination of actions carried out across the page in a social network.

Pink triangle with one corner facing down – the oldest symbol of the gay community, outside Russia, also known as a sign of movement in support of the rights of LGBT citizens. His story begins at the time of Hitler’s fascism, when a pink stripe in an equilateral triangle the Nazis used as a way to identify homosexuals in concentration camps of the Third Reich.

Recall that in 2011 a group of activists “Rainbow Association” took part in many social and political events. In addition to the project “The march of equality,” gays and lesbians come to opposition rallies that followed the State Duma elections in early December.

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Translated from Russian