Gay Rally in Moscow is Broken Up by Opponents

Translated from Russian
At an opposition rally in Moscow did not give gays and lesbians to speak, seized their slogans and flag

The Nationalists refused to listen to and homophobic members of the LGBT community at the rally and tried to beat up gay people were in the crowd.

At an opposition rally against the fraudulent elections in Swamp area in Moscow was attended by several thousand people. At the rally Nationalists did not give gays and lesbians a chance to speak and seized their slogans and flag.

Organizers of the rally of several thousand opposition in the Swamp area in Moscow against the falsification of recent elections to the Duma refused to give the floor to the founder of Moscow Pride Nikolai Alekseev. This was reported by Alekseev in his blog, explaining why he was not at the Swamp.

“After my request yesterday, Nemtsov and Chirikov personally blocked my speech at today’s rally,” writes Alexeev. “The cooperation of Moscow Pride with them is impossible.”

Without giving a rally speech activistby GayRu, which has won the only case against Russia before the European Court on the issue of freedom of assembly, the opposition has demonstrated that it is “no less homophobic than the authorities,” said Alexeyev.

Moreover, at the meeting GayRu activists tried to claim that gays and lesbians support the protesters. However, the crowd began to hoot and whistle.

Activists in LGBT movement who were in the crowd are also victims of homophobia. They tried to deploy¬† their posters, “Gays and lesbians for Fair Elections,” “Gays and lesbians against the crooks and thieves”, as well as rainbow flags of the LGBT movement.

They were attacked by nationalists who tried to take away the flag and posters. The nationalists were not repelled police and the people who gathered around him. Nationalists attempted to attack LGBT people, not allowing them to deploy their placards and flags.

According to preliminary estimates, in the Swamp area of Moscow 80-90 thousand people had gathered to protest against Putin’s party.

Source – GayRussia.Ru