Honor killings

How ambitions known LGBT activist in Chechnya awakened terrible ancient custom

“Novaya Gazeta” has learned about the mass detentions of Chechen residents on account of their sexual orientation – or suspicion of such. At the moment, we received information about the arrest of more than a hundred men. “Novaya Gazeta” has already known the names of three victims, but our sources claim that the victims much more.

Information about the detentions started to arrive about a week ago and was double-checked by us and confirmed by an unprecedented large number of sources in the Interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic, in the administration of the head of the republic, the FSB Department for Chechnya, the Chechen prosecutor’s office finally local LGBT activists. Some of them were arrested and left the republic after they were released (extremely rare). Some went after their friends and acquaintances were detained. Detentions are held in different locations, not only in Grozny.

Among the detainees – the representatives of the Chechen muftiat, including well-known, influential and close to the head of the republic of religious leaders, as well as two well-known Chechen broadcasters.
Of course, all of these people in no way demonstrated its particular sexual orientation – in the Caucasus, this is equivalent to a death sentence. However, in a traditional Chechen society, between the members of which are extremely short social distances, this kind of thing will quickly learn how they may hide.

Chechen users of social networks in panic leaving the closed thematic groups messengers, close accounts in social networks. However, some risking, trying to warn others about the threat.

National Costume, Museum of Grozny, Chechnya.
Message From Vkontakte

(Original spelling and punctuation)

” Salam alaykum all!

I never thought that I would write again here but now, when the topic of one chain and substituting one is being tortured as long as it does not pass, and still others it may concern, and I think it would be right if I warn.

There often appear posts about the bases ( refers to provocations to identify people of homosexual orientation -. Approx. EM ) and I some time ago trying to find these victims of the bases. When you do not find one, I thought it’s not true. Now I understand why I could not find one, which was framed in Chechnya. Unfortunately, many killed.

Killed not just young children and even grown men who are over 50 years old. Among them are well-known personality in Chechnya.

At various events, television releases, participated in the contest. I do not want to call them names. Most mladschemu 16 years. He was our village. Just the other day he was brought all beaten, just a bag of bones. They were thrown into the courtyard and said that he was killed. He still say he came to himself and hardly come. I do not know how they explain why they do so, they will be asked to present proof that our son or brother is.

In Chechnya, because strictly defame anyone whatsoever without tangible evidence. It is possible and to remain without pants. Especially to lay hands on the guy, and accuse him of homosexuality is generally a disgrace for many centuries. I do not know how they explain it but it’s crap happens. Source middle, military cousin of mine who just this morning told me about it. I was wrong when I said here and wrote that of the bases there. They never have and how they are now free hand. Be very careful and remove its dubious connection.

Importantly, do not remove the daily rent is probably all realtors are forced to put the camera in the apartments and in this way they get the dirt on the victims. And realtors with Chechnya will do anything just to avoid losing their business and who would dare to object to our military. Be very careful please. This is my last post here. ”

In the Chechen people, who are victims of persecution – even if one is only suspicion of sexual orientation – very little chance to survive.

Family tell enough about the reasons for his detention, and relatives will not make complaints to official bodies, and the facts of detention and even murder of their loved ones will be carefully concealed.

It is known that some of the detainees are released for “lack of evidence”. However, in this case, they face the danger that comes just from relatives. Chechnya is still prevalent ancient custom of “honor killings” – a measure to wash away the shame of the family by killing the perpetrator of this shame.

Our sources in the Chechen special services categorically tied wave of arrests, called “preventive mopping up” with another wave – information.

The notice of the march for LGBT rights
In early March, the Caucasus, the Russian LGBT activists, members of the project GayRussia.ru as part of its nationwide judicial campaign, filed a statement of intention to carry out a series of gay pride parades in four cities of the North Caucasus Federal District. Since March 9, the LGBT activist Vladimir Klimov residing in the Sverdlovsk region sent by mail to the administration of Nalchik and regional administration of Kabardino-Balkaria “notice of a public event in the form of a procession.” In the notification it was stated that the march planned for the main streets in the historic center of Nalchik, the estimated number of participants – 300 people (at the disposal of the “Novaya Gazeta” is the scan application). Nalchik Administration predictably refused. Actually, it was this, the applicants, apparently, and added. Similar statements have also been filed by the Moscow LGBT activists March 9 and 10 in Cherkessk, Stavropol and Maikop ..

Information about the intention of the project activists GayRussia.ru (project leader known Moscow LGBT activist Nikolai Alekseev) to hold a gay pride parade in the Caucasus came to the media. In the Caucasus this news has caused mass protests, where the speakers demonstrated a high level of aggression. The social networks were made with varying degrees of creative videos and calls for the killing of people with different sexual orientations.

It was at this time on the “preventive cleaning” and then the command was given in Chechnya came to real murders.

Nikolai Alekseev told “Novaya Gazeta” that by filing applications for parades in various regions of Russia, he is fighting for their constitutional rights of freedom of assembly and the abolition of the law banning gay propaganda. “We do not hold uncoordinated gay pride – he told” Novaya Gazeta “. – Previously we conducted now – no. We seek from the state to coordinate our actions and ensure the safety of their participants. But every time we submit a statement, we will, of course, getting ready for a gay parade in the event that our application will be agreed. ”

When asked, “Novaya Gazeta”, why in the application appears to 300 people, and how many local LGBT activists were planning to go on a gay pride parades in Nalchik, Cherkessk, Maikop, or at least in Stavropol, Alekseev could not answer anything specific. He explained that in the case of coordination actions and safety activists of Moscow and St. Petersburg were willing to do to come to the Caucasus and to participate in gay pride parades.

However, neither Alekseev nor his lawyers have not arrived in Nalchik or for the notification or the preliminary hearing on the suit on the refusal to hold a gay pride parade in the Caucasus city. Alexeyev said that this is due not only to the workload, but also with considerations of personal safety. After becoming aware of the request to hold a gay pride in Nalchik, North Caucasus Federal District and other cities, he received “a huge number of threats for all possible types of communication.”

Alekseev, besides activism, known for his numerous lawsuits filed in courts in various regions of the country: a failure to harmonize the action he is appealing to the Russian courts, then the complaint is sent to the European Court of Human Rights.

In 2011 Alexeev won his first complaint in Strasbourg, compensation amounted to 29 thousand euros.
At this point the ECHR kommunitsirovale two more similar to its complaint, the compensation for which, according to the coordinator of the “Gender Program” Böll Foundation Irina Kosterina may reach up to 100 000 euro.

In addition, according to Alekseeva, is now preparing a third, “unprecedented in scale” wave of complaints, which, apparently, were also cases of failures in the Caucasian cities. According to Alexeyev, “trials for the recognition of failures in the conduct of gay pride parades illegal, are in 95 cities, claims for less than a year we have covered 78 of the 89 regions of Russia.” Alexeyev confirmed that the complaint in all regions will be directed to the ECHR, but did not name the amount claimed compensation for legal costs and for non-pecuniary damage.

On the question of “Novaya Gazeta”, if he knew that his declaration of intention to conduct provoked the persecution of local LGBT gay pride parades in the Caucasus and led to mass detentions and killings in Chechnya, Alexeyev said that the correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta”, ” speculates unverified information, operates on unfounded facts and to him personally of such harassment and the consequences do not know anything of his actions. ”

One can understand why Alekseev, a fighter for the rights of LGBT people, still does not have the most “proven facts”. The fact that both should be shaking patriarchal Caucasus, he did not provide his supporters there is at least a minimum cover of at least some channels for the retreat.

Not knowing and not understanding the local context, he probably just did not realize what the consequences for humans can be all from one only notice of intention, to realize that no one was going. The problem is that in the Caucasus the word still take seriously.

The seriousness Alekseeva no doubt those who have declared a real hunt for the local LGBT community.

“Novaya Gazeta” is known that other Russian LGBT organization (GayRussia.ru project is not involved) is currently set up hotline, receive reports about the persecution of residents of Chechnya and are ready to evacuate people.

“Novaya Gazeta” is preparing an application to the TFR and Prosecutor General’s Office, as well as the administration of the Russian president. We intend to provide the investigators personal data (name, place of work, place of residence) killed and request criminal proceedings, since only in a criminal case may exhumation to determine the exact cause of death of people.

March 29 Rossiykaya LGBT Network has extended to sotssialnyh networks the following message: “Due to the recent increase in cases of harassment of gays, lesbians, transsexuals / -tuples (or those considered as such) in the North Caucasus, the Russian LGBT Network has created a hot line for the inhabitants of the region at risk. If you feel the danger, you are threatened, contact us immediately at the address kavkaz@lgbtnet.org

We guarantee that all the information that you provide (including your name) will be known only to three other employees who are directly involved in the organization of assistance.

We recommend to specify in writing the following information:
– describe a situation in which you find yourself;
– what kind of help you need.
– Your first and last name;

We will respond promptly to every request and discuss with you the different options for care.

byElena Milashina, editor of special projects
Source – Novaya Gazeta