Police In Russia Detain 25 LGBT Activists

Police in St. Petersburg, Russia on Saturday detained 25 LGBT activists.

According to the BBC, the unsanctioned demonstration attracted 60 protesters, who gathered at the city’s main square holding banners and rainbow flags.

In 2012, St. Petersburg approved a law that outlaws “gay propaganda” in the city. The following year, a nationwide ban was imposed. The law effectively prohibits such gatherings.

Aleksei Nazarov, who helped organize the protest, told the AFP that police targeted protesters who had the “most colorful flags and clothes.” Organizers said that each demonstrator stood alone to avoid the event being labeled a rally.

“This topic is silenced in the mass media,” one of the protesters said. “These [LGBT] people exist, the authorities should work with them somehow and we should search for dialogue.”

Protesters held up placards calling for LGBT rights to be protected.

Footage from the demonstration shows police dragging people into a van against their will.

by Carlos Santoscoy
Source – On Top Magazine