Far-Right Group Interrupts Stockholm Pride Parade

A far-right group interrupted Stockholm’s annual Pride Parade on Saturday.

Several outlets reported that a fight broke out when 10-15 men interrupted the parade with a banner which read “Protect the nuclear family” next to an image of a crossed out rainbow flag.

The far-right group Nordisk Ungdom, or Nordic Youth, claimed credit for the disruption.

Nordisk Ungdom spokesperson Fredik Hagberg gave a statement to Swedish daily Göteborgs-Posten.

“We were there to demonstrate against Pride,” he said. “We need a critical voice that demonstrates in the name of the traditional family values. We think that they are threatened. Pride encourages things that harm the traditional family values. It’s not about love any longer. I think you can have sex with whoever you want. But Pride encourages a culture that is extremely bad.”

The youth organization was formed by the National Socialist Workers’ Party in the early 1930s.

The AP reported that marching in this year’s parade was Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who called the parade “two hours of happiness and love.”

According to organizers, 45,000 people participated in the 18th annual march, making it the largest such event in the Nordic region.

by On Top Magazine
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