Swedish crown princess makes history with first-ever visit to an LGBT organisation

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel have made a historic royal visit to an LGBT+ organisation, sending a clear message of support in the face of growing nationalist politics.

The royals were given a tour of RFSL and RFSL Ungdom’s national office in Stockholm to gain an insight into the challenges experienced by LGBT+ people in Swedish society today.

It was the first time the crown princess visited an LGBT+ organisation and was requested by the royals themselves. The princess reportedly wanted to know more about how attitudes towards LGBT+ people were changing in her country.

RFSL’s president Deidre Palacios said it was “a critical time” for the organisation as the presence of the rainbow flag and the work of RFSL is being threatened by “nationalist forces“.

“Therefore, it is a symbolically meaningful event that the crown princess couple indicates an interest in LGBTQI work and have decided to visit Sweden’s biggest and oldest organisation for LGBTQI persons,” she said.

The royal couple showed a particular interest in RFSL’s ongoing work with sports and senior citizens’ issues. They also spoke about immigration and asylum.

RFSL presented Victoria and Daniel with gifts – trans flag sweaters from the project Sports for all bodies, and a rainbow flag with the inscription: “To the crown princess couple to enjoy those days when a rainbow is needed. From RFSL anno 2020.”

“That the crown princess couple, as spokespersons for Sweden, comes here to learn more about young LGBTQI people’s situation is incredibly important for us,” said RFSL Ungdom’s president Jêran Rostam.

“Especially in the light of that the convention of the rights of the child at this year’s end was incorporated into Swedish legislation. That means that LGBTQI children should have the opportunity to live their lives based on their gender identity and sexuality.

by Emma Powys Maurice
Source – PinkNews