Fighting Against Discrimination in Mersin

The Platform for Fighting Against Discrimination was established in Mersin with the support of 19 organizations. Hüseyin Aslan, a member of the board of directors for Akdeniz Göç-Der (Mediterranean Association for Migration) held a press conference at the Mersin Journalists Association and explained that the Platform for Fighting Against Discrimination will be the voice of those individuals who are defenseless in the face of discrimination. Aslan said: “Our platform will do work regarding individuals and groups who are left defenseless in the face of exclusion and othering, including children, the elderly, the disabled, women, LGBT individuals, individuals of different ethnicity and faith, and individuals and groups who have been forcefully displaced. It will create awareness by utilizing local and national media to enable a wide audience to learn about [cases of] discrimination faced by these groups; it will compile reports on the difficulties faced by groups who are discriminated against and share them at national and international levels to generate solutions.”

Aslan stated that the platform is not affiliated with any political party or the state and added, “its main area of work is the fight against all kinds of discrimination against disadvantaged individuals and groups.”

Source – LGBTI News Turkey
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