Transgender woman in Turkey attacked

A transgender woman was beaten up by seven men outside her home in Istanbul last night

A transgender woman was attacked in the street outside her home in Istanbul last night when she took her dog out for a walk.

Michelle Demishevich told Gay Star News that in the early hours of Monday (today, 23 April) she and her dog were attacked by seven men for about five minutes, while neighbours just watched from their homes.

Demishevich, who is a campaigner for LGBT rights in Turkey, later called the police but she doesn’t feel confident they are investigating the attack thoroughly.

‘Maybe tomorrow maybe the day after tomorrow it will be happen again,’ said Demishevich. ‘Maybe the next week someone kill me. It has become so hard to live as a transgender in this country. The people hate us. The people every single day attacking and killing the transgender. Turkey is not safe anymore.’

by Anna Leach
Source – Gay Star News