Foreign gay tourist brutally murdered in Crimea

Crimean police is seeking criminals who murdered a foreign tourist in the heart of the resort city of Yevpatoria. The man’s body was found near the monument to World War II marines. According to preliminary investigation, the murder was motivated by homophobia.

Next to the body of the tourist police found a burned down minibus, NewsRu reports on June, 25, citing a source in law enforcement.

“The corpse had signs of a violent death,” said the agency source. According to investigators, the victim was a man of nontraditional sexual orientation. During the past five years, he has regularly spent his vacation in Crimea.

“Most likely, the cause of the murder is related to his unconventional hobbies”, suggested the source.

The press service of the Ministry of Interior in Republic of Crimea confirmed finding the body near the memorial dedicated to the Yevpatorian landing party.

Earlier this week Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed the gay rights issue in Russia is a ”cliché” and a “far-fetched” problem.

Source – Queer Russia