British Lesbian Couple Wins Gold In Rio

A British couple made history last week at the Rio Olympics when their team took the field, becoming the first married same-sex couple to play together on the same team.

On Friday, the couple made more history, becoming the first married gay couple to medal at the Olympics, and first gold medalists, after Great Britain defeated the Netherlands in women’s field hockey.

Helen and Kate Richardson-Walsh have been teammates for over two decades. The couple married in 2013, the first year such unions became legal in the United Kingdom.

“It is really, really special,” Kate said. “To win an Olympic medal is special. To do it with your wife standing next to … we will cherish this for the rest of our lives.”

Helen told The Sun, that coming out was a conscious decision. “If you are really open about it, people say, ‘Why do you make such a big deal about it?’”

Great Britain sent eight openly gay athletes to compete in Rio, believed to be the highest number of any country.

by On Top Magazine Staff
Source – On Top Magazine