London buses carry pro-gay marriage posters

You wait ages for a pro-gay marriage poster, then 1,000 come along at once, courtesy of Stonewall

Some buses have gay adverts on them, get over it – that’s the message from gay group Stonewall.

Leading British gay campaign organization Stonewall have put posters on the side of 1,000 London buses to campaign for same-sex marriage.

The iconic red buses in the British capital will carry the slogan ‘Some people are gay. Get over it!’ throughout April.

It is the largest gay marriage-focused campaign the UK has ever seen. Only Stonewall’s previous railway station posters, which first featured the popular slogan in 2008, have been on such a scale when it comes to sexuality-based campaigns.

The charity’s chief executive Ben Summerskill calls the posters ‘very moderate and straightforward’. They feature the slogan and a link to Stonewall’s equal marriage campaign website, which includes their response to government plans and calls for supporters to make their voices heard.

Stonewall’s Andy Wasley told Gay Star News: ‘The message resonates. We are finding there is an increase in positive sentiment towards gays, but there are still people who have a problem.’

To increase the campaign’s size further, the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity is encouraging people to take photos when they see the posters and tweet them with the hashtag #equalmarriage or upload them to Stonewall’s Facebook page.

by Will Prior
Source – Gay Star News