International Day against Homophobia in Iran

May 17th is the international day against homophobia and transphobia.

Homophobia and transphobia are social disorders that cause people to act out against homosexuals and transsexuals.

LGBT rights activists have done a variety of things to memorialize this day against this disease everywhere around the world.

In Iran, because of anti-homosexuality laws and oppressive conditions, there aren’t many observable activities; however, LGBT activists have many actions for this day every year.

Last year, many of the LGBT rights activists distributed brochures and ads about this day in Tehran. The great We Are Everywhere campaignon Facebook was one of the human rights activist initiatives from the US, which received widespread support and involvement from many people.

This year, LGBT rights activists have launched the “Homophilia” campaign on Facebook.

Some homosexuals and transsexuals distributed educational brochures in Tehran, carried rainbow flags and banners, and flew colored balloons in order to create new social movements.

The pictures were received from LGBT activists in Iran.Download full album in a zip file here.

Source – JNews