ISIS execute four men for being gay – including two of their own members

ISIS has executed four men on suspicion of being gay – including two of their own members.

On Saturday (August 20) local sources said the terrorist group had murdered four men on charges of homosexuality and sodomy in the city centre of Mosul.

The four men were thrown from the top of a former insurance company office in the centre of the city and then stoned.

It’s reported that their bodies were later taken to a place called the Al-Khasfah hole, on the edge of Mosul, and dumped.

As is often the case, large crowds gathered to witness the event.

Last week, the group executed another man in a similar way, claiming on a video that “those who dare to oppose Allah’s Sharia and the Caliphate’s rules deserve punishment.”

The extremists, who occupy land in both Iraq and Syria, have been using human shields to move between locations, after a coalition of forces have begun to reclaim territory lost to the group.

A number of air strikes by the US and European nations have also killed key targets.

Recently, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan said that electing Donald Trump would play into the hands of ISIS because of his anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Mr Khan, who only took office in May, has called on the presidential hopeful to address his views on Islam a number of times and invited him to the capital to witness first hand how Western ideals and Islam aren’t incompatible.

by Bobby Rae
Source – PinkNews