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1 Palestinian LGBTs increasingly in conflict w/Israeli Arab LGBTs 6/11

June 29, 2011 – Rainbow News
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Palestinian LGBTs increasingly in conflict with the Israeli Arab LGBT organization

The Palestinian LGBT groups are increasingly in conflict with the Israeli Arab (Palestinian) LGBT organization was nearly cancelled the International Conference of Youth queer movements IGLYO, which is scheduled for the end of the year in Israel. According to the project Rainbow, all Arab LGBT organizations – Al Kaus, Asuat and PQBDS – demanded that the organizers IGLYO within the social sanctions to cancel the conference in Israel to end the Israeli occupation of Arab territories. IGLYO, whose headquarters is in Brussels, has about 80 young queer movements around the world. Since the submission of the protest, its leadership chose a cautious line, saying on its official website: We take very seriously and treat organizations and human rights issues, so we do not intend to gloss over the issues raised.

In October, the commission will hold IGLYO special meeting on the Arab-Israeli conflict, apparently with the participation of representatives of the Iggy and Arab representatives, in order to raise these topics for discussion, as well as to study and develop solutions. Director-General of the youth organization Iggy Avner Dafni is concerned: We are in limbo until the commission IGLYO formally announced its decision. City Council deputy Tel Aviv mayor and an adviser on LGBT issues, Yaniv Weizman, complained that in recent years more and more difficult to promote gay projects, because they encounter resistance not homophobic, but from left-radical organizations.

In the social network Facebook is a heated debate. Part moralizers accuses the Arab Organization of ingratitude because these organizations have been established in Israel and Israeli support, while the Arab countries today there is not one that promotes LGBT rights. Another part of the blame Israeli queer organization in the short-sighted, ignoring the needs of a conflict between two identities and queer Arab. It is expected that the Israeli gay and understanding of the situation of Arab solidarity in the queer …
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