Major Medical Advance Against HIV-AIDS

“After decades of controversy, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new H.I.V. test on Tuesday that for the first time makes it possible to learn in the privacy of their homes whether they are infected. The availability of an H.I.V. test as easy to use as a home-pregnancy kit is yet another step in the normalization of a disease that was once seen as a mark of shame and a death sentence.”

This a phenomenal breakthrough that all sexually active people should heed. No more public embarrassment and no more hiding and no more fear of stigma. If a person tests positive, taking anti-retroviral medication lowers the chance of infecting others by as much as 96 percent!

This is nothing short of miraculous and can potentially reduce the new infection rate to near zero–well, closer to zero, since there will always be sex cowboys who are more addicted to riding than to health.

by Richard Ammon –
Source – The New York Times