North Dakota fails to introduce anti-LGBTI discrimination bill

For the fourth time in eight years, the Bill has been defeated

The North Dakota House rejected a bill that would protect LGBTI from discrimination.

House Bill 1386 hoped to add legal protections for LGBTI people against workplace and housing discrimination.

The bill was introduced into the House for the fourth time since 2009, but was defeated yet again.

Rep. Robin Weisz said: ‘Many of us received emails stating that if we don’t do this we’re sending a signal that community isn’t welcome here,’ reports WDAZ.

‘That it’s open season for employers or housing to discriminate.

‘I’m here to tell you that in those two years none of that has happened,’ Weisz said.

Currently, the law protects against discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age and physical or mental disability.

But the bill introduced by North Dakota activist group Dakota OutRight aimed to add ‘sexual orientation’ to the list.

Republican Thomas Beadle argued for equal treatment for all North Dakotans.

‘If we truly want to make our society equal and provide the same opportunities for employment and career growth for everyone, either add the last core group under that umbrella of discrimination protection, or we need to take the umbrella away altogether,’ says Beadle.

A statement from Planned Parenthood expressed disbelief that this law had not been introduced yet.

It read: ‘It is an outrage that LGBTQ people can be discriminated against in the workplace, at businesses, and by landlords and healthcare providers.’

The Bill was defeated with 22 in favor and 69 against.

LGBTI activist groups vow to continue fighting until the Bill becomes law.

by James Besanvalle
Source – Gay Star News