This TV host’s take-down of Uganda’s anti-gay laws is pure freaking brillance.

“Calling Uganda’s laws ‘harsh’ doesn’t really do them justice. That’s like calling Stalin a bit of a grump… Or the Titanic a disappointing vacation.”

John Oliver, host of US talk show Last Week Tonight, has added to his history of epic rants against injustice with a brilliant, 20-minute long take-down of Uganda and its new anti-gay laws.

Earlier this year, the Ugandan government passed the Anti-Homosexuality Act, which basically makes it illegal to be gay and in Uganda at the same time. There are now harsh prison sentences for any LGBTI Ugandan who has the audacity to, you know, exist.

Oliver breaks down the impact the law has had so far – including the fact that recorded acts of persecution against homosexuals have jumped a staggering 1900% in the few months since the law has passed – and he looks at the influence US anti-homosexual ‘preachers’ have had on the
Ugandan government (a scary amount).

There’s also footage of a Ugandan journalist interviewing a Ugandan gay rights activist that has to be seen to be believed (hint: it involves vegetables and lots of questions about why gay people like to ‘shove them inside themselves’… Oi vey).

It may be nearly 20 minutes long, but you’ll be so busy alternating between fist-pumping and shaking your head in disbelief that you won’t even notice:

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Source – Mamamia