US Secretary of State releases video in honor of Gay Pride Month

Secretary of State John Kerry declares US foreign policies include gay rights and equality

The face of US foreign policy honored June as LGBT Pride Month and asserted a commitment to gay rights around the world.

Secretary of State John Kerry released a video on the State Department website. He connected gay pride celebrations to larger human rights struggles.

‘This month is about the assertion of equality and dignity,’ the secretary said. ‘It is about the affirmation of fundamental freedoms and human rights. It is about people taking pride in who they are, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.’

‘Protecting universal human rights is at the very heart of our diplomacy, and we remain committed to advancing human rights for all, including LGBT individuals,’ Kerry continued. ‘We are committed to advancing these rights not just in the month of June, but year-round. ‘

While acknowledging the progress made since Stonewall, the secretary noted the current struggles many gays still face.

‘Recent events underscore that despite progress, we still have a long way to go,’ he said. ‘There are LGBT people of all ages, all races, and all faiths – citizens of every country on Earth. And in too many places, LGBT people and their supporters are being attacked and harassed for simply being who they are and for standing up for their rights.’

While not offering specific examples of the ‘recent events’ referred to, Kerry condemned all types of anti-gay violence.

‘LGBT persons must be free to exercise their human rights – including freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly and association – without fear of reprisal,’ he said

Here is the full clip Secretary Kerry’s remarks

by James Witthers
Source – Gay Star News