Poland’s ruling party launches anti-LGBTI attack at party convention

PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski warned voters that supporting LGBTI rights would ‘attack families’

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) launched an attack on gay rights as part of its election strategy last weekend (9 March).

This was ahead of European elections in May and national elections later in the year, reported Emerging Europe.

At the party’s convention PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski warned voters that supporting LGBTI rights would ‘attack families.’

Kaczynski vehemently opposed Mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski’s 12 point LGBTI declaration.

What’s wrong with the declaration?
Not much, as the declaration guaranteed the fulfilment of some of the basic needs of the LGBT+ community.

Advocacy groups said it would also enable the local administration to provide what the national government refuses to administer.

But Kaczynski said the declaration is ‘essentially an attack on children’ and called it ‘unbelievable.’

He said: ‘We will say no to the attack on children. Polish parents have the right to raise their own children.

‘We will not be intimidated. We will defend the Polish family.’

‘He talks nonsense’
However, Trzaskowski was quick to defend himself against the accusations.

Until recently, PiS was threatening Poles with a phantom invasion by millions of immigrants,’ Trzaskowski wrote on Facebook.

‘Today, he talks nonsense about alleged plans to corrupt children. In fact, [the LGBT+ declaration] is about tolerance – to protect our fellow citizens from hate speech, intimidation and lynching.

‘Teach children that words hurt, and that there is no anonymity on the internet.’

LGBTI rights in Poland
A predominantly Christian country, Poland does not recognize marriage equality.

Moreover, LGBTI discrimination is illegal, but only in certain contexts.

Though, Poland has made strides towards banning gay conversion therapy.

by Josh Milton
Source – Gay Star News