Polish gay couple propose in public more than 100 times to fight homophobia

Dawid and Jakub challenged the attitude of their fellow Poles when it comes to marriage equality

A Polish gay couple has proposed to each other in public more than 100 times and recorded everything on camera.

Jakub and Dawid tied the know last year in Portugal. In Poland, same-sex marriage is still not legal, therefore their marriage is not recognized by law.

The pair then decided to challenge the attitude of their fellow Poles when it comes to marriage equality.

They took turns in proposing to each other in public, asking passers-by to help. One of them asked people nearby to take a picture of the moment he was going to propose.

Bystanders obviously had no idea they were being recorded, nor that the ‘love of my life’ was actually another man.

Dawid and Jakub said they were ‘totally scared’
‘We loved the idea of checking people’s reaction but we were scared,’ the couple told Gay Star News.

‘We bought pepper spray for self-defense and had it in our pockets. A proposal with pepper spray sounds funny, right? But luckily it wasn’t necessary.’

When the two men got on one knee in turns, however, they met generally positive reactions, dismantling the idea of Poland as a deeply anti-LGBTI country.

The two then revealed they are already married, sparking a conversation on whether Poland is ready to grant its LGBTI community the long-overdue equality.

One day when we finished recordings, a nun came to us saying that we were doing a great job,’ they also explained.

‘She was looking after homeless people that were sitting in front of the church and she was watching us while we were recording. When we finished and were heading to the car, she said that she admired that we talked to people to let them know us because we are usually scared of something we don’t know.’

At the end of the video, Dawid and Jakub have a sweet conversation with the Polish version of the Golden Girls.

These adorable four ladies told the couple that ‘civil unions are a good idea’. Moreover, they said everyone should be tolerant towards all kind of people. Finally, they hilariously shut down homophobes, saying they are just people who have been badly brought up.

Watch the video with subs in English below:

by Stefania Sarrubba
Source – Gay Star News