World’s only transgendered MP to become Polish deputy parliament speaker?

Anna Grodzka, Poland and the world’s only transgendered MP, says she is willing to stand for the post of deputy speaker of parliament “if my party supports me”.

The MP for the liberal Palikot Movement – Poland’s third largest party in the lower house of parliament (Sejm) – has been put forward for the post by her party leader, Janusz Palikot.

The position became vacant after the resignation of the Palikot Movement MP Wanda Nowicka, after a 40,000 zloty (10,000 euros) bonus was paid to parliament speakers, despite outspoken opposition to bonuses for bankers and public officials from Janusz Palikot.

The 58 year-old Anna Grodzka, who underwent a sex-change operation in 2010 and was elected as an MP in the 2011 general election, told the TVN 24 news station on Tuesday night that she “had received the offer [for the post of deputy speaker] and my answer was yes, provided that the party will help me”.

She said that taking up the post could help in the campaign for equality for sexual minorities in Poland.
“I’m all for equality for all people. The symbol of this freedom in parliament is myself and Robert Biedron [Poland’s first openly gay MP, who is also a member of the Palikot Movement]. Now for the next step,” she said. (pg)

Source – Polskie Radio