Australia celebrates trans women with this beautiful mural ahead of Darwin Pride

Sistergirls united

Darwin, Australia, is celebrating the trans women in the community with an amazing mural ahead of this year’s Pride.

Now in its 33rd year, Darwin Pride honors the LGBTI community in Australia’s Northern Territory.

A few days away from the annual march, a big mural painting of iconic sistergirl Shaniquá TiwiSista has appeared on a building facade.

Sistergirl is what Australian aboriginals call trans women. Trans men are instead referred to as brotherboys.

The mural
The beautiful portrait of Shaniquá TiwiSista is a way to celebrate all trans women.

After the unveiling, Shaniquá herself posted a picture posing with the mural on her Facebook page.

‘I’m so proud and I feel very privileged to be on this wall … I’m not representing myself but all the other girls, my fellow Tiwi sistergirls… this for you mob all,’ she wrote.

‘This is a incredible and a historical piece to celebrate our achievements to acceptance and respect in being ourselves… Tiwi island is leading the way to show that acceptance and love is important to the LGBTIQ+ community.’

She furthermore added: ‘I’m a proud Yurruma Jilarringa and Tiwi islander to be able to shine and continue the conversation and awareness for our human rights ….’

Darwin Pride
Darwin Pride will kick off on 20 September with a colorful festival launch.

Moreover, there will be several workshops, talks, and parties across town until 30 September.

Read the full calendar here.

by Stefania Sarrubba
Source – Gay Star News