Marriage equality advocates condemn vandalism of Tasmanian anti-gay marriage billboard

Australian marriage equality advocates have condemned the vandalizing of an anti-gay marriage billboard in the town of Wynyard, Tasmania, just days after it was erected

Australian marriage equality advocates have condemned the vandalism of an anti-marriage equality billboard in Wynyard, Tasmania, as well as the business signs of the man behind the billboard, sign maker Graham Hodge.

Hodge had put up an anti-marriage equality sign in April without planning permission but was forced to take it down.

Earlier this month he erected a similar sign on a legal billboard with the assistance of anonymous church groups.

The business occupying the building that the billboard was being displayed was seeking to have it removed but it has in the meantime been vandalized.

Signs advertising Hodge’s Cam River Signs business have been taken down for cleaning and for an anti-graffiti coating to be applied after they too were vandalized.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson Rodney Croome, who is also the national director of Australian Marriage Equality, condemned the vandalism, saying that all sides of the debate had the right to be heard.

‘I strongly condemn this vandalism because the way to achieve marriage equality is to build bridges within the community, not further polarize it,’ Croome said.

‘Supporters of marriage equality have a strong case which is undermined when we are seen to be silencing others.’

Liberal Party Senator marriage equality opponent Eric Abetz also condemned the vandalism to The Bernie Advocate, calling it ‘intolerant overreaction.’

‘Community organizations clearly have a right to express their support for the laws of the land,’ Abetz said.

by Andrew Potts
source – Gay Star News