Tasmanian church distributing anti-gay marriage booklet

Tasmania’s Catholic Archdiocese are distributing out copies of the church’s booklet that will explain to people its opposition to same-sex marriage.

Archbishop Julian Porteous said 12,000 families of whose children attend Catholic schools in Tasmania will receive a copy of ‘Don’t Mess with Marriage’. By Friday the families will have all received a copy of the 18-page booklet in a sealed envelope.

Included in the first part of the publication, it claims to support the idea that all people, including those with same-sex, attractions must be treated with the respect, sensitivity and love they deserve, however states that the church opposes allowing same-sex couples to marry.

“My intention is to offer families the opportunity to understand why the church has taken the position it has on this question of legal definition of marriage,” He said.

Although the publication continues to say: “We now face a struggle for the very soul of marriage.

“Only women are admitted to women’s hospitals and only children to primary schools.

“If the union of a man and a woman is different from other unions – not the same as other unions – then justice demands that we treat that union accordingly.”

by Sarah Charlton
Source – PinkNews