Welcome to Orthodox and gay.com!

This website has two main purposes. The first intention is for this website to be a place of support and refuge for Orthodox Christians who are gay – for us to tell our stories about being Orthodox and gay. The second aim is to offer an opportunity for constructive criticism and comments on the official and not so official stances of the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christians on homosexuality.

There are two main guiding principles of this website:

  • One: The Orthodox Church is the Bride of Christ.
  • Two: Being gay is a gift of God, the Creator. Therefore expressing that gift in a healthy and mature relationship is also blessed by God.

Orthodox Christians who are gay have been seriously maligned and hurt by antiquated interpretations of Scripture and canon law. Numerous bishops and priests, “pastors” of the Church, have done serious spiritual damage to a great number of gay Orthodox Christians including members of the clergy. Throughout the ages the Church has changed its position on various pastoral issues, accepting new discoveries, adapting to contemporary situations, and showing mercy to its faithful. By expressing our stories, Orthodox Christians who are gay have the opportunity to hopefully one day change the official position of the Church on issues such as sexual orientation and gay marriage. Certainly our stories have already changed the views of numerous faithful members of the Orthodox Church.

We invite you to read the commentary on the Reflections section of this website. Please feel free to leave your comments and share your stories – they can be anonymous or you may include your name and email address.

Referring again to the two main guiding principles of this website, we will not publish or even entertain any insulting or offensive comments.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.”
John 15:12

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