Festival kicks off 4th Patagonian Festival of Sexual Diversity

El Bolson (Télam) – Families and young people living in Patagonia, as well as domestic and foreign tourists of all ages took part Thursday in the opening quarter of the Patagonian Festival for Sexual Diversity.

The festival, which runs until Saturday morning, the entity was organized by the South Open and sponsored by the National Institute Against Discrimination (INADI).

Development began in the central Plaza Pagano, presenting the program of activities and artists who will perform in different scenarios.

In addition to musical and poetic recitals will be theater, debates and live radio, all-around knowledge, dissemination and analysis of diverse sexual identities.

The climate of the festival was seized by the severe forest fire that affected the nearby towns of El Hoyo and Chubut Epuyén as organizers also display a militant environmentalist.

Mastelone Simon, one of the organizers, told Telam that evaluated suspend the meeting but decided to go ahead, “while still being extremely attentive to what happens to our forests and without interfering with the activities in the work of the brigade “. “The main objective of this festival is known, to publicize the group’s work and celebrate,” said Mastelone, a member of the Southern Open. He said the organization works to “sex-gender integration, strengthening people with dissident identities of the heterosexual norm and the achievement of an awareness and acceptance of society for a better quality of life.”

On this day, the festival presented the Queen’s visit to the neighborhoods Magas Plant, Spring and The Horn, with activities for children in the Integrated Community Centre, and from the 14 held a picnic basket in the National Park Puelo Lake, with a gathering of LGBT visitors.

There you developed a table on bullying, with Maria Belen Prieto, of the Ministry of Youth, and Esteban Paulon, president of the National Federation FALGBT. On Saturday there will be a march of 20 “behind the rainbow flag” and then various theatrical and musical events

Translated from Spanish
Source – Sentidog.com