Incidents in the Pride Parade in San Rafael

More than 150 people for sexual diversity toured the city center. A Catholic protester was arrested by police when he tried to attack some of the marchers after a verbal exchange.

San Rafael lived this afternoon their first march for sexual diversity. It was organized by the Association for Southern Equality (Axis) and for several days the historic event came generating opinions.

Past 20, and with the rain falling on the city, began march through San Martín street from the square of the Immigrant to kilometer 0. For there about 150 people marched with flags, banners and culminated with a musical. After a huge pink banner of the Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals, Transgender Argentinos (ATTA) walked raising banners and chants calling for equal rights and respect for sexual diversity.

The march started peacefully but a few blocks before the final destination, there were verbal clashes with a group of Catholic demonstrators. Even one of them ended up arrested when their verbal attacks did not cease despite the request of two police officers who asked him to calm his attitude.

Despite the insults no protesters marching column left to defend sexual diversity.

The whole place was guarded by police and verbal confrontations were not a surprise to anyone as a group of Catholics had also convened a defense of the church at the same time in the cathedral door department, located one block from the San Martín street where pride march happen. It was a form of “counter” in defense of Catholic values.

In the cathedral about 200 people gathered in order to defend the church and show their rejection of the progress of groups of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT).

Although the march organized by groups Axis did not go through the door of the churches of the department, the Catholic group also requested a guarantee days before the mayor Felix Emir.

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