Little is known about these men who offer sex for money

Mishe in Brazil, Chapero in Spain in Peru Freight, Prepayment in Colombia, New York Muster, taxi boy in Argentina. Many are the names by which they are known, but little is known about these men who offer sex for money.

“Creatures of the Night”, a film by Hernan Aguilar, delves into the lives of four of them, Andrew, Julio, Javier and spend their nights Maxi offering their bodies, as one of them says: “My body is my SME.”

A dark and dirty bathroom in a basement of a train station, an old movie continued, the popular disco or a bar in Santa Fe and Pueyrredón are some scenarios that show real-life stories, strong and even morbid and questions answers will have to take a young person to offer her body for money? What goes through their heads while living with strangers for hours, pretending?

“Creatures of the Night”, inquires, questions, proposed approach, know, understand a universe that may surprise just around the corner. While everything happens, a car door closes and a new story begins for a taxi boy.

Galvis Harvy starring Nicolas Larrain, Nazareno Lavorato, Fausto Olmos, Pablo Pieretti, starring Marco and Claudio Marco Livio.

Functions are held on Fridays and Saturdays at 23:15 pm. at the Teatro Porteño – Corrientes 1630.

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