Bolivia’s transgender citizens celebrate new ID cards

Feted by activists carrying a rainbow flag, transgender citizens in La Paz are celebrating their newfound right to register for identity cards with updated details under Bolivia’s new gender law.

Transgender activist Pamela Geraldine Valenzuela was the first to do so last week during a ceremony presided over by the mayor of La Paz, Luis Revilla.

“I wouldn’t let myself stop in my fight until I arrived at this moment, until the state recognized all transgender people in accordance with the identity that we have completely assumed,” she said.

The law, which means transgender citizens can register for ID cards using the names and details of their assumed gender, comes into effect under the leftist government of President Evo Morales.

Bolivia’s move to grant new ID cards to its transgender citizens follows similar legislation in Britain, Colombia and Australia.

Reporting by Reuters TV, Writing by Karishma Singh
Source – Reuters